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Observation Plans

As part of the campaign, we are collecting observing plans from professional astronomers observing comet Siding Spring or its effects on Mars. Our goals are to facilitate collaborations and enhance the scientific output from this rare opportunity. Submitted plans are summarized below in a calendar and table. Note that only day precision is given and the dates are specified in UT. All details are listed in the observation table.

Some Mars spacecraft observations may be listed in this table, but also see for more details on those plans.

Note: The plans summarized below are voluntary and often change: nights could be weathered out, data could be affected by spacecraft glitches, the comet may disintegrate, etc. Our website does not host data, but does show some of the pretty pictures. Please be patient while astronomers make their observations, and consider the data they have taken to make the most of this opportunity.

Comet Siding Spring Campaign Observation Plans

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