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Good Luck Today For the Encounter!

Well, the big day is finally here, the one we have planned for for so long. We've got an intact, active, changing comet about to swing close
by Mars! Best of luck to everyone weather- and telescope h/w-wise. Keep in touch with us here if you have important news to report. From
our side, we expect to be hearing more and more over the next few days, starting mid-Sunday night, about what happened at Mars, as the
various spacecraft download their data and it gets calibrated, validated, and distributed on Earth. Stay tuned!


It's now 18 hrs after the close flyby of Comet Siding Spring, and by all accounts the Mars spacecraft are all fine, as is the Comet. Now we get to wait and listen over the next few days to see what kind of imagery and spectroscopy of the flyby event we have obtained. In the meantime the Pro-Ams will continue to monitor the sky around Mars, producing time lapsed sequences of the comet as it recedes from the Red Planet. Next up for A1 is its perihelion passage, which will occur ~4 days from now.